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The EGM will be held at Wavell school on the 2nd May. 

It is a 7.15pm arrival time for a 7.30 prompt start. As per the AGM each club must send 2 representatives. We have received the following questions regarding the proposed cover for the Wavell Insurance see below. The questions in black and answers are in red.
1 . When introducing this to our members, is it correct to say the WINL are looking at not affiliating to EN because their insurance policies aren’t adequate and the relatively high cost of being affiliated? Any other reasons? 
It was voted at the AGM back in September that the clubs wanted the committee to investigate the other options that were available. Some clubs within the league did feel that the insruance from EN was not sufficient and were unsure of what they actually received from EN for the £40 they pay to affiliate. This is us as a committee, and having spoken to many insurance brokers providing details of those findings in order facilitate your clubs vote. 
2. What do members loose by not affiliating to EN? We should give our members a balanced view of what EN do for the sport as a whole (apart from the insurance aspect). 

We think it is best that you refer to the EN website where you will be able to review what EN do for the sport as a whole and what you feel you may loose by not affiliating. 


3.  Would the new insurance cover our umpires and coaches? Would umpires and coaches need to be affiliated through EN to maintain their qualification? 

Trainee umpires, umpires and coaches will need to continue to be EN affiliated


4. Would it cover friendly matches with other Wavell teams? Yes if played at Wavell


5. Would it cover friendly matches and tournaments with teams outside of the Wavell league? ​Yes if played at Wavell


6. What if only 4 in the team want to do Wavell affiliation and 6 need to do EN due to playing in other leagues? Is it up to us who pays what or do all 10 members need to pay the Wavell insurance? 
Its up to circumstances of individuals in the the teams, if you have 5 people who need to EN affiliate and 5 who want to take the insurance the as a suggestion you could take the combined cost and then split it across your players/club or the 5 could pay the £40 to affiliate and then the other 5 pay the amount to insure under this Wavell insurance


7. What about late joiners? Do they get 12 months insurance from the time they join the team or do they get a reduced rate to take them up to the renewal date?

There is one renewal date annually. Someone could join mid season and still covered as its adjusted on a quarterly basis in terms of names on the policy. We provide a list of names being covered to the insurers and then if the numbers go up or down, this will then be taken into account at renewal.


8. If we do not affiliate to EN do we have to pay any other fees e.g .County? If only playing Wavell will it just be the insurance £63.88* plus dental and other etc. ​We are just clarifying this but we are pretty sure that there would be no other fees to pay to county etc


9. Have you considered the fact that EN insurance includes public liability insurance which we as a club have to provide to Collingwood College where we train. Your insurance doesn’t seem to include that. Other clubs may require that as well. 

Wavell will have Public Liability under this insurance for the Wavell premises only. If you need PL to train/play elsewhere then we suggest you have EN or other insuarance to cover that. 

This Week's Fixtures

Monday Night

Monday, 1 April 2019 - 7.15pm           
CT 1 Panthers C v Northtown Harriers
CT 2 Harleys Angels B v Alexanders Sapphires
CT 3 Waverley C v Spitfires
CT 4 CN Select E v Tongham Storm
CT 5 Hornets v Hart Stars
CT 6 PACE v Comet Purple 
CT 7 Cardinals Netball v Flour Fusion
CT 8  
Monday, 1 April 2019 - 8.35pm
CT 1   Midnight Phoenix v CN Select D
CT 2 Comets Green v Farnborough Heat
CT 3 Fleet C v Cody Cobras
CT 4 Farnborough Sparks v Hawks
CT 5 Alexanders Emeralds v Heath Hoops Hurricanes
CT 6 PDD Whites v Typhoons
CT 7 Brave Harts v Spitfires 7s
CT 8 Farnborough Firebirds v Hart Zodiacs

Wednesday Night

Wednesday, 3 April 2019  - 7.15pm
CT 1 Heath Hoops Hawks v Farnham A
CT 2 Farnham C v Farnham B
CT 3 Absolute Misfits v Harley Angels A
CT 4 Farnborough Flames v Heath Hoops Harriers
CT 5 Freespirit v Surrey Jets Vipers
CT 6 BUGS v Rushmoor Orange
CT 7 Bula Netters v CN Select C
CT 8 All Saints v Doodlebugs B
Wednesday, 3 April 2019- 8.35pm
CT 1 CN Select A v Pulse Premier Netball
CT 2 Surrey Jets Mavericks v Azuri    
CT 3 Rushmoor A v Fleet A
CT 4 Panthers A v Doodlebugs A
CT 5  
CT 6 CN Select B v Waverley A
CT 7 Panthers C v Fleet B
CT 8 Rushmoor Black v Surrey Jet Stingers


Division 1

    P Pts
1st Azuri 14 70
2nd Rushmoor A 14 62
3rd Pulse Premier Netball 14 54
4th Farnham A 14 43
5th Heath Hoops Hawks 14 35
6th Surrey Jets Mavericks 14 25
7th CN Select A 14 12
8th Fleet A 14 10

Division 2

    P Pts
1st Farnborough Blaze 12 52
2nd Panthers A 12 39
3rd Farnham B 12 39
4th Doodlebugs A 12 35
5th Harleys Angels A 12 35
6th Absolute Misfits 12 28
7th Farnham C 12 18

Division 3

    P Pts
1st CN Select B 14 70
2nd Rushmoor Orange 14 57
3rd Farnborough Flames 14 53
4th Waverley A 14 42
5th Surrey Jets Vipers 14 36
6th Heath Hoops Harriers 14 26
7th BUGS 14 22
8th Free Spirit 14 11

Division 4

    P Pts
1st Rushmoor Black 14 70
2nd CN Select C 14 57
3rd Surrey Jets Stingers 14 54
4th Doodblebugs B 14 44
5th All Saints 14 32
6th Panthers B 14 27
7th Fleet B 14 22
8th BULA Netters 14 11

Division 5

    P Pts
1st Harleys Angels B 14 70
2nd CN Select D 14 58
3rd Northtown Harriers 14 46
4th Midnight Phoenix 14 44
5th Comets Green 14 37
6th Farnborough Heat 14 33
7th Panthers C 14 20
8th Alexanders Sapphires 14 18

Division 6

    P Pts
1st Hart Stars 14 66
2nd Cody Cobras 14 61
3rd CN Select E 14 49
4th Waverley C 14 48
5th Spitfires 14 31
6th Fleet C 14 27
7th Hornets 14 22
8th Tongham Storm 14 20

Division 7

    P Pts
1st Farnborough Sparks 14 62
2nd Heath Hoops Hurricanes 14 55
3rd PDD Whites 14 46
4th Comets Purple 14 42
5th Typhoons 14 42
6th PACE 14 36
7th Alexanders Emeralds 14 29
8th Hawks 14 18

Division 8

    P Pts
1st Pegasus NC 14 66
2nd Cardinals Netball 14 66
3rd Fluor Fusion 14 45
4th Farnborough Firebirds 14 36
5th Hart Zodiacs 14 36
6th Spitfire 7's 14 26
7th Panthers D 14 17
8th Brave Hart Swords 14 11

About the WINL league

The Wavell Invitation Netball league was founded in 1989 and will be celebrating 25 years of netball in 2014. It was started at Ash Manor School and then moved to Wavell School where it had redesigned its netball courts to accommodate 8 floodlit courts. The league has grown and developed considerably over the years and currently we have 62 teams but have capacity for 64. If you're interested in entering a team in the league please contact us.

The League provides competitive netball across all standards with 8 divisions as well as providing training and mentoring of Umpires and Umpire progression. In September 2013 we also introduced a Junior League already proving to be popular - see the Junior League section for more information.

The winter season runs from September to April over bi-weekly Monday and Wednesday nights, the first match starting at 7.15pm and the second at 8.35pm. With a summer league running consecutive weeks over June and July for teams to play friendlies and encourage our trainee umpires to practice and gain their C award grade.

All new clubs and players are welcome to join so please get in touch. To play in the league all players must be affiliated to England Netball Association for more information please visit

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