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2018/2019 Junior Winter League starts from the 13th September. Good luck to all teams and don't forget to check here for news and updates about the league.

The new Wavell Invitation Netball Junior League got off to a flying start in 2013 and since then we have grown to a league of 54 teams across 6 divisions. If you would like to join the league as a player or your club be put on the waiting list please get in touch by completing the form below.

This Week's Fixtures

Thursday Night

1st November 2018 - 6.00pm
CT 1 Panthers Bullets U11B v Cardinals Cards U11  
CT 2 Cardinals Queens U10B v Waverley Vipers U10  
CT 3 Panthers Rockets U11A v Cardinals Mays U10A  
CT 4 Rushmoor v Waverley Vipers Black U11   
CT 5 Waverley Vipers Red U12 v Panthers Shots U12C  
CT 6 Waverley Vipers White U13 v Panthers Ace U12A  
CT 7 Waverley Vipers Black U12 v Hart U12B  
CT 8 Panthers Shots U12B v CN Select Lilac   
1st November 2018 - 7.00pm
CT 1 Waverley Vipers Red U13 v Waverley Vipers Black U13  
CT 2 Bugs U12 v Cardinals Reds U12A  
CT 3 Panthers Pace U13B v Hart U12A  
CT 4 Rushmoor U12 v CN Select Blue U13B  
CT 5 Waverley Vipers White U14 v Panthers Stars U13A  
CT 6 Tongham Cyclones U15 v Hart U13/14A  
CT 7 Cardinals Brooks U13A v Hart U13/14B  
CT 8 Rushmoor U13 v CN Select Yellow U13A  
1st November 2018 - 8.00pm
CT 1 Waverley Vipers Red U14 v Cardinals Otters U14A  
CT 2 Tongham Twisters U15 v Cardinals Heaths U15  
CT 3 Waverley Vipers Black U14 v Hart U15  
CT 4 Rushmoor U14 v CN Select Black U14   
CT 5 CN Select Pink U16B v Cardinals Sheers U16A  
CT 6 Bugs U16 v Cardinals Shots U16B  
CT 7 Waverley Vipers Reds U15 v Cardinals Fleets U15/16  
CT 8 CN Select Purple U16A v CN Select Green U15  

Here are the league fixtures and results. Click the link and follow to the page. 

Summer Results 2018

Autumn Results 2018
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6

    • We invite junior teams with ages from 9-16
    • Full 7 a side netball
    • We currently have 6 divisions which is split according to age groups and abilities
    • Umpires can be provided if required
    • Thursdays evenings at Wavell School in Farnborough starting at 6.00pm
    • We can place your child with a team if you don't have one

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